Patch Notes

Patch Notes for week 11/9/20

- Reworked ranks a bit so that they are a bit more balanced and scale up a bit better. Be sure to look at them and familiarize yourself with the changes.

- Added a few more commands to the list of commands in basic server commands and updated a few more plugins with info in #helpful-plugin-info.

- Increased the level cap of mcMMO from 100 to 1000. Also rolled back the level to which the exp scales so it's a bit slower.

- Updated SilkSpawner to now work with netherite pickaxe on mob spawners now.

- Added two new plugins. One for bottling exp, info is in helpful plugin info. The other is a controller for phantoms. Failure to sleep for an extended period of time will create bigger and nastier phantoms over time with more health and damage. Be sure to keep up with sleeping from time to time or else bad things may happen.

- Updated donor kits on website to include the /condense permission to all donation kits. Added the command to all players who have purchased a kit as well so they are not lacking the feature. Also added an Anti-AFK Bypass so you can avoid being kicked for as well as Fly permission so you can avoid having to spend money in /TempFly.

- Will add the End into the world sometime Mid-Late December. First one to kill the dragon be sure to PM me with a screen-shot of you next to the dragon egg and I will immortalize your name at the egg location! (Estimated open date: 12/15 - 12/20)

- Few minor updates to other plugins such as jobs, battlepass, crates, server shop, holographic displays, and more.

Patch Notes for week 12/16/20

- Moved us from Spigot to Paper! (Air horn noises) So the server is running even smoother than before! Not that we had a lot to begin with on a 10gb server, but when people died the lag was terrible. Same with teleporting. Those issues with lag basically no longer exists.

- Launched the "Winter is here and the end is near..." Event. From now until the first of the new year people will have access to the North Pole inside warps. See announcements in discord for more info on the winter event.

- Also the End is officially launched. It all has been generated offline so should be very smooth to be there. Fly is disabled to everyone inside the End, and also unable to claim land here. Raw true pvp/survival so be sure to hide any bases here. Also this area is HARD compared to the NORMAL difficulty of the game.

- Reworked Mob Arena head to toe in terms of custom waves, custom classes, custom loot, ect. Much better from its broken old self! Thank you to Nova, Spud, Delta, and all others who helped me test this thing over and over.

- Made a new crate that focuses on the reward system for Mob Arena. Also increased the weights of items in mostly all crates so that the rates are a bit better.

- Server shop now Buys and Sells Eggs for the creatures of minecraft. These eggs match the spawner crates that are available at spawn with the exception of the ones that don't have eggs in game. (i.e. Iron Golem)

- I plan on buying and building all the parts to host the server from my home location sometime between February and April. I will be spending $1500-$2000 to build this. The server has collected about $500 in donations already and I will be using all of that towards the computer/server. If we gather more in the meantime that will just help me bridge the gap in cost sooner.

- Few other minor updates to other plugins such as jobs, battlepass, essentials, permissions, chat and more.

Patch Notes for week 1/26/21

- Added a few new plugins to the server. Upgradeable Hoppers, and Cosmetics. More info on them can be found in Helpful Plugin Info.

  • Upgradeable Hoppers - These are very powerful little devices, but is a game changer for how they work. You can upgrade how many items move at once, up to 64. You can upgrade how many chests this can filter into remotely, up to 5. You can upgrade how far away this can remotely filter into those chests, up to 500 blocks. Upgrade pickup radius up to a 5x5 area, and white/blacklist for items.

  • Cosmetics - Fun thing for people to play around with for their enjoyment.

- I went through and organized the Basic Server Commands page to make it more organized for easier use.

- Many updates to Crates.

  • Added a crate for Cosmetic Coins

  • Reworked all of the rates of crates so they were more favorable to the players (better odds)

  • Split the Enchant Crate into Enchant Crate #1 and Enchant Crate #2. Crate #1 has Weapons and Tools Enchantments, and Crate #2 has Armor Enchantments.

  • Worked out all the math so that now you actually see the %'s instead of the how many of a particular item is available in each crate

- Updated and fixed a few things in the 200+ Enchantments Plugin. Also added all new enchantment categories up to Mastery to the Enchanter and the Enchantment Table. Before this change only up to Legendary class was available through the Enchanter and the Enchantment Table.

- Added a Information Guide to the server spawn area. He will be updated over time and will supply people with the basic info needs of most people (i.e. rules, command list, website, discord, ect).

- Added Nether Quartz as a droppable item from Piglin Brute's. See Mob Drop Changes for more info.

- I've compiled a little Resource Pack that I am going to deem as the official one for the server. Instructions and info can be found in Server Resource Pack.