Basic Server Commands

Not a command, but the middle mouse button will auto sort items in chest/inventory!

Anti-Grief/Claims Tools (#helpful-plugin-info) -

/abandonclaim, /claimexplosions, /trust, /untrust, /accesstrust, /containertrust, /trustlist, /subdivideclaims, /restricsubclaim, /basicclaims, /permissiontrust, /untrustall, /abandonallclaims, /buyclaimblocks, /sellclaimblockes, /givepet, /claimslist, /ignoreplayer, /unignoreplayer, /ignoredplayerlist, /trapped, /unlockdrops

Auction House -

/ah, /ah sell "price"

Bottle Exp -

/bottle amount, /bottle all

Buy Crate Keys -

/cr buy

Buy New Enchants (#helpful-plugin-info) -

/enchanter, /alchemist, /tinkerer

Check Player Shop Prices -


Cosmetics -


Donate to Server/Donor Kits -

/buy, /dkit

Economy -

/bal, /baltop, /pay

Jobs (#helpful-plugin-info) -

/jobs, /jobs browse

Kits -


Mob Arena -

/ma, /ma j, /ma l

Player Set Warps -

/pwarp, /pwarp set

Player Vaults -

/pv 1-4 (1 by default)

Random Teleport -

/rtp world

Rank Up (#ranks-info) -


Server Essentials (#helpful-plugin-info) -

/spawn, /tpa, /tpaccept, /tpahere, /tpdeny, /sethome, /home, /delhome, /warp

Server Shop -

/shop, /sell

Skills -

/mcmmo:"skillname", /party

Skills Point System -


Temp Fly (#helpful-plugin-info) -

/tf, /tf shop, /tf help

Toggle Scoreboard (On/Off) -


Upgradeable Hoppers -

/uh get

Vote (#vote) -

/vote gui, /vote shop, /vote

Withdraw Banknote -

/withdraw amount, /withdraw all