Welcome to the Server!

Welcome to the first glimpse of Spawn! Upon release (11/1/20) spawn will feature a Server Shop. Here you can mainly sell the extra items that you have collected through your gameplay. However a few items in the shop are purchasable as well. Spawn will also have some NPC's around that can assist with Jobs, mcMMO info, and even the BattlePass (quest) systems. You will also find an NPC for Mob Arena at spawn. A fun little mini game to play and earn rewards. How long can you survive in the arena? Crates are also located at spawn. Some have options to buy keys with earned in-game money (e.g., Exp Crate, mcMMO Crate) and others can be earned (e.g., Vote Crate, BattlePass Crate) either from a task or slaying of an Infernal Mob of appropriate difficulty. All crate keys are obtainable from Infernal Mobs except BattlePass. BattlePass crates are strictly earned through completing daily and weekly tasks.

Spawn is planned to be an ever evolving feature on the server and will probably be the place that will be the subject to the most change as time goes on. For the future I plan on putting a team together to help design events and add fun things for the people of the server to have fun with besides just mining blocks all day.

Winter is here and the End is near...

OP-SMP a 1.16.3 Java Server Presents:

"Winter is here and the end is near..." Event!

Come join us for our upcoming event where we finally introduce The End to our server! For the first time we will be making The End finally available since we launched on November 1st. The End will be available 12/15/20. Are you, a brave warrior, going to be the first to slay the dragon and have your name immortalized?

Starting 12/15/20 everyone will have access to warp to the North Pole. Here you can visit Santa's Workshop as well as try to discover 15 different chests that have been hidden around the map. These will contain different gifts of various rarity and even some items that are not available through normal game-play! Also available on this map will be the main event called The 12 Days of Minecraft! One chest is available each day from 12/19/20-12/30/20. Be sure to hop on everyday to claim your special gifts!